January 22 day 127

Today was a good day and kind of a bad day. First the good part. Very cold and bitter today, but the sun was bright and nice. I wore my black tights and it was funny one side would heat up, then when i turned around the left leg would get cold and right side heat up from the sun. I was determined to get in 10 today and it went well. I even managed to work in 1:30 hill stride and another minute stride to finish up. Hills were kind of tough, but it will be good prep for when i start doing repeats. Despite a frozen face it was a good run, and believe me I’m not complaining it was rather nice outside, others were facing far worse conditions and below zero temps.

Now the bad part. My friend texted me and invited me to basketball. I love basketball and had played with him before and believe you me, it was a heck of a workout running full court for an hour and a half. So I okayed it with the wifer and excitedly showed up to play. All the games were going great, and I was actually feeling in shape (still pretty bad for sprints) and was playing decently

So we played five games! On the fifth game we needed one point to win. I took it to the hole and layed it up and scored with a runner over the defender! But when i came down, CRACK i heard my ankle pop and I knew i rolled it. It was kind of painful but in a “give me a second” kind of way. I layed there for a second then got up and walked it off. ugh. So i iced it when i got and although it is swollen it is definitely just a roll. Whew I am NOT doing that again. I love basketball, i really do, but it’s not worth sacrificing all the hours of training i’ve been putting in. I can accept an injury from running, but when my cross-training is the reason i guess i have to draw the line. So not a total loss, but still something I regretfully will have to give up.

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