February 28 day 164

Today I had a case of what I officially dub “empty legs”. Its just that tired run-down feeling you get from training, especially like now when I’m increasing mileage relentlessly. Thankfully tomorrow is an easy short day because the last three have been tough with the wind and hill workouts. It should pay off nicely, but I have one more week of this mileage then I have a cut-back week to rest the bones and get this training to seep in. For fueling this run I had a bit of shot block i chewed on for the first four miles, then I stopped at 8 for some gatorade and about half a gu, with some light jogging to keep the hr up. I felt a lot better after 8 miles but this one was a very tough run, I really had to will the legs to move forward tonight and even the slight wind felt like a firehose. Hopefully the warm air moves back in, it was very close to freezing tonight and I was getting used to those 50’s.

12.3 miles

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