01.04.15 Pistol Ultra 100K

start 43° high 55º. Pistol Ultra 100k. 1st finisher, Course Record, defend title, beat goal time. Running ultras is like childbirth, you forget about the punishment eventually and sign up for another one.

Race Report (short and sweet)
Hell of a tough run like last year, never gets easier you just finish faster. Reason for the faster pace was i had a guy to run with me for a while. He was doing the 100 so i figured what the hell and it actually felt better to run with him at that pace and make conversation and those miles flew by without much thought. It cost me a bit of time though and a world of hurt.

Timing chip velcro rubbed my ankle raw and was bleeding, i thought it was just hurting from when i accidentally kicked my dad’s dog who following to close behind on a training run, finally caught that at 20 miles. Everything held up but knee joints and quads were sufferfest from 28 miles on which knocked me down a notch. I didn’t feel good aerobically after that till mile 40 something when my stomach started feeling better and i just turned to water at that point. I had ate a lot of gu’s, bru’s, pb j, bars, and stuff i normally don’t to try to stave off hunger, but i think that made my stomach a little weird and my body wasn’t jiving energy-wise. Amazingly and uncommonly I avoided the restroom this entire race which really helped a great deal.

Switched shoes at 33 and got a hell of a blister which i had to remove my shoe and sock to pop. Easier said than done with toe-socks! My toe joints were getting mashed at the forefoot, so i switched back when i returned to the aid station after that loop. Mentally challenging, “i could walk now for a bit to recover” “i just want to stop, no i can’t” At 45 miles it was rough, i stopped to walk a bit by the aid station and stretched my legs they were just so achy. Getting going again was tough, but i kept moving. Left quad gave out on me the last 15 or so, it was screaming for mercy but i kept pushing and with just 1.5 laps to go my mentality changed to “i can do this, too close to the finish”. With the aggressive start i was thinking wishfully i could get under 8, but would have been better served by a more conservative pace, and a minute or two less to stretch/recover walk at aid stations. Completely happy and thrilled with this one, but man ultras are brutal. One guy said i was ready for the 100 and after how my legs felt on this I’m not so sure I want to be.

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